Printable Resume/HeadshotNews_files/Scott_Francis_Russell_Resume_Headshot.PDF
Printable Resume/HeadshotNews_files/Scott_Francis_Russell_Resume_Headshot_1.PDF

Appearing in the Ryan Kawamoto directed “Voices Behind Barbed Wire” by Kinetic Films.

Playing a husband that doesn’t quite understand his low credit score means him & his wife will not get the car of their dreams, but the ‘junker’ out back.  Tardus Financial commercial filmed by Bolt Blue Media -- Director Nick Porreca.

Can be seen in “Carmen” at the Blaisdell Concert Hall.

Playing an accountant in the pilot “Triple Threat”.  Produced by Gina Surles and directed by Jeremy Johnson.

Appearing in James Sereno’s directed Aloha United Way commercial.  Produced by Kinetic Productions.

Featured in the Josh Almario directed, I.A. featuring Hakumon, music video “One Time”.

Appearing in a Ocean Safety PSA produced by Dennis Burns and 1013 Integrated for Hawaii Visitor Channel and local broadcast.

Studying under improv actor Kimee Balmilero at Improvhi.